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The way how enterprises and budgetary institutions report?

Many organizations, institutions and state-owned Ukrainian enterprises operate in Prozorro system in a truly transparent manner. Each of them is obliged to provide information on the expenditures of public budget funds, other information stipulated by the legislation of Ukraine. Issues related to reporting are no less relevant than those related to procurement in Prozorro.

The article considers and systematizes the main points of disclosure of information on public spending, submission of financial statements, activities of state enterprises.

Where information on public spending is posted?

Information on the use of funds of enterprises, institutions and organizations must be posted on a web portal designed specifically for this purpose. This is stipulated in Law No. 183-VIII of 11 February 20015 (Law 183).

Who is required to report?

The following organizations are obliged to submit data on the use and spending of funds on the E-date portal:

  • enterprises;
  • recipients and managers of local budgets and the state budget of Ukraine;
  • bodies of the Pension Fund of Ukraine;
  • bodies related to compulsory social state insurance.

In what term the information should be made public?

The deadline for data submission depends on the type of means used:

  • funds received from local budgets and the state budget of Ukraine – once a quarter, but not later than thirty-five calendar days from the end of the quarter for which the report is submitted. Thus, reporting for the IV quarter of 2021, the information must be submitted no later than 4 February 2022;
  • funds received by enterprises through business activities once a year, not later than the end of the following reporting year. Thus, companies are required to provide data on spending in 2021 until December 31 and next 2022;
  • funds of the Pension Fund and state social insurance funds – quarterly, but not later than thirty-five days from the end of the quarter. The report for the IV quarter of 2021 should be submitted no later than 4 February 2022.

The way how enterprises and budgetary institutions report?

Transfer of financial and budgetary reporting

The information is submitted in the system of AS "E-reporting". The procedure and features of submission are determined by the Procedure * developed in accordance with the Budget Code of Ukraine (Article 58). The inclusion of budgetary and financial reporting in the reports on the execution of the state budget is stipulated in the order.

The reporting form must be compiled and submitted by clients of the State Treasury of Ukraine, legal entities, in accordance with the rules of the automated reporting service of AS "E-reporting".

The official website of the State Treasury of Ukraine contains information on the rules, forms and procedures for working with the "E-reporting" system. In cases where the institution or enterprise or organization is not able to use this automatic system, they can submit data to the State Treasury in paper form.

Activity information

Such information must be provided by companies and unitary enterprises, the authorized capital of which consists of at least 50% of state-owned shares. The same group includes companies with the shares of 50 percent or more owned by the companies owned by the state.

The procedure according to which the budget reporting is prepared by recipients and managers of budget funds. Pension and compulsory social insurance funds were approved by Order No.44 of the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine of 24 January 2012.

The procedure was approved by the Resolution of the Government of Ukraine dated 9 November 2016.

Who must disclose information?

Business associations and enterprises (except in cases specified by law) will publish information about business activities by posting data on their own website. Such information is published together with other data, which the law defines as subject to disclosure. In cases where the company does not have its own website, the information must be posted on the website owned by the management body of the business entity.

The terms of publication of information and its content are determined by the annex to the above-mentioned Procedure. If one of the parties to the agreement is an enterprise that Law 3183 classifies as those that are obliged to disclose information about the activity, the data on the agreement must also be disclosed within 10 calendar days from the date of its signing.

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