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Google Translate: whether someone can reckon upon high-quality translation?

All transactions, contracts, concluded between different states, relations established between representatives of different religions, adherents of different political views, bearers of world cultures need, in particular, high-quality translation of the written content, terms from English to the official language of one or another country. In this regard, people of many professions regularly have to apply for the translators’ services in preparation, translation, rewriting of economic, technical, political, medical and any other types of texts. Translation companies have their own methodological tools and work algorithms at their disposal, nevertheless professional linguists often encounter situations in which they have to apply all their knowledge, sometimes scientific, artistic resources in practice in order to select the most appropriate terminology and structures in the target language.

Quality of “google translate”: myth or reality

At the same time, it shall be understood that no modern software is capable of providing an adequate, high-quality edited translation. Therefore, if a linguist or author of the target text has no necessary experience or understanding of both the content and prepared context, the outcome will be frustrating, even can be potentially dangerous, depending on the information, written in the target text.

The speed, quality of translation, that “google translate” promotes, can only create the illusion of the meaning “transfer” to another language and the false impression that translation is an easy task that can be fulfilled with one click of the mouse.

Without doubt, modern “gadgets”, offered quick solutions are greeted with enthusiasm by their users, especially in the age of technological boom. However, really high-quality translation requires an expenditure of some time, innovation, the performer’s thought, his/her creativity, inspiration, universalism, professionalism, careful handling of the source material and, first of all, careful study of the source material in English, selection of the best strategy. As only this thing helps in practice to avoid mistakes to eliminate which there may be no time or even a chance.

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