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Where to get a police clearance certificate?

There are many reasons to think about where to get a certificate of non-criminal record with guarantees of strict compliance with current legal norms. This includes applying for a job, obtaining a visa to travel abroad, participating in a tender, adoption, establishing guardianship, obtaining citizenship, processing or renewing documents, etc. But to do everything correctly only in full compliance with the receipt algorithm provided for by the Order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs No.1256.

Where to get a police clearance certificate via the Internet?

The decision where exactly a police clearance certificate will be received is made in accordance with the individual circumstances of the person concerned. In the absence of the opportunity to personally arrive at the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, where it would be legally possible to receive a police clearance certificate, it is quite reasonable to consider performing the task online.

You can order a police clearance certificate online in a few clicks using our order form; to order online at the Ministry of Internal Affairs, you must complete all of the following steps.

Solving the issue in this way is a reason to adhere to this order of action:

Order the certificate

Send the passport copy and ITN, indicate the purpose and the desired date of the certificate getting.


  1. Registration with the use of a йualified electronic signature (natural person) or through a Bank ID.
  2. Filling out an electronic form (indicating the TSC, where it will be convenient to receive a finished document).
  3. Wait for the message that a certificate is ready and check the status of its readiness online.
  4. To obtain this paper, contact one or another service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. If this issue is assigned to a representative, then it is mandatory to present a document proving their identity.

Moreover, how exactly to receive a police clearance certificate is decided by the customer themself. For example, an order via Bank ID provides for the issuance of a paper version. You can count on sending an electronic form only if you install a special Windows OS program on your personal computer. In any case, the decision requires answers to 2 questions: where to receive it, what are the methods of its receipt (at the specified email address or in a certain center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine).

Please note that the use of online certificates is allowed only with the consent of the institutions where they are provided. This chance also applies to persons participating in procurement tenders through the use of the encrypted and certified digital signature.

What documents will be needed?

Regardless of the type of procedure, residents of the country are required to provide such the following documents:

  1. Internal passport.
  2. Passport to travel abroad.
  3. Birth certificate (children under 14 years of age)

Foreigners must submit the following documents together with the application:

  1. Internal passport or passport to travel abroad (necessarily with a translation into Ukrainian).
  2. A certificate with a permit for residence on the territory of Ukraine.

If the issue is resolved with the help of a Representative, you will need the following documents:

  1. Document certifying the Representative's identity;
  2. Original and photocopy of the document authorized by the Representative;
  3. An application and a copy of the identity document of the citizen for whom the Certificate is being ordered.

Where to get a police clearance certificate?

Police clearance certificate price

For each of us, it is not only important to determine in advance where it is possible to receive a police clearance certificate without falsifications and inaccuracies, get to know its price and how to make a payment. For example, the calculation of the amount to be paid is affected by:

  • Urgency of order execution;
  • Professional assistance in the preparation of the application and legal advice;
  • The need for additional services (apostille, consular legalization, translation, notarization, etc.).

The payment is made in any convenient way for a particular person:

  • In PrivatBank terminal;
  • Via Privat24;
  • Using the cash register of any bank (for a pre-specified account);
  • Through the payment system (via a special link).
Certificate3-4 work. days*UAH 1100
2 work. day*UAH 1300

*terms are specified without taking into account the day of ordering the service.
**price includes cost of our services.
***the price is not a public offer.
****deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

*Terms are specified without taking into account the day of ordering the service

**price includes cost of our services

***the price is not a public offer

****Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

Where to order a police clearance certificate with additional services?

There is a problem: police clearance certificate - where to get it without long queues, but in combination with a full list of services? This kind of assistance is offered by our Translation agency that is able to fulfill its obligations with a quality mark. This is usually necessary in the following situations:

Do not doubt that the Jur Klee Translation Agency is the body where it is best to order a police clearance certificate, taking into account all the nuances regarding the purpose of providing the document of interest. In addition, full compliance with the law of the country where the consular legalization of the certificate is required is guaranteed. It also ensures compliance with the quality standards of translation into any foreign language, apostille and notarization.

In cooperation with the Jur Klee Translation Agency, the client will not have to worry about how to receive a police clearance certificate and a risk of compliance with the validity period of the document. The fact is that this document is issued as of the date of the request. Moreover, the validity period is 90 days of use abroad and 30 days on the territory of Ukraine.

And you can be sure that our bureau will not allow fraud and negligence, because it acts in close cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine and strictly follows the norms of the law of Ukraine and those countries for which the certificate is issued. Moreover, both residents of the capital and our fellow citizens from other cities of Ukraine will be able to save themselves from the puzzles associated with filling out papers and long trips to the offices.

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