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Where to put the apostille - UkraineThe apostille is a special stamp, which is put for the confirmation of the document authenticity for the accepting country.

The rights of the apostille putting have some ministries, among which Ministry of Justice (so called MinJust).

Who puts the apostille?

The apostille is required on the Ukrainian documents used abroad. With the help of this stamp are certified both the documents and their notarized translations.

The apostille can be put in:

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs;
  • Ministry of Education;
  • Ministry of Justice.

Just these ministries put the apostille according to the current legislation. Each ministry has its own list of documents, on which it puts the apostille.

Where you can put the apostille on document?

One of the most actual question: «where you can put the apostille stamp?».

 Ministry of Justice (MinJust)

  • Notarial documents.
  • All documents issued by Civilian Registry Offices.

 Ministry of Education (MES)

All educational documents:
  • diploma;
  • certificate;
  • certificate about graduation of educational institution;
  • other documents issued by the authorities of education of Ukraine.

 Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA)

  • by the authorities of Ministry of Internal Affairs;
  • by Visa Departments;
  • by archives;
  • certificates of different kinds.

It is quite simple to define what institutions put the apostille: it is important to define the document source – the apostille is usually put in its institution.

If the document was translated into a foreign language, it is also shall be apostilled. The translation shall be official and notarized.

It is little to know where to put the apostille: sometimes the double stamp is needed. Some countries, besides the apostille require the official translation of document, which is also apostilled. These are the Great Britain, Italy, Belgium, France, Austria, Switzerland, Portugal, the Netherlands.

Different ministries put the apostille within the different terms. Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs as a rule spend for this 1-5 days*. In Ministry of Justice the speed of the procedure execution depends on the document type, the apostillization takes 1-30 days*.

*Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministrу may be increased.


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