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Etiquette of the tender participant in the ProZorro system: simple steps to victory

The Ministry of Economy has developed special rules of etiquette for all participants in public procurement. These rules of conduct are advisory in nature. They describe all the main aspects that participants should adhere to throughout the entire procurement process. The rules are designed to improve business performance and individual skills of market participants, as well as to establish a general order in this industry. The Ministry emphasizes the information that incorrect behavior during the process not only greatly reduces the chances of winning the tender, but can also lead to fatal consequences, including liability before the law.

Nowadays, government tenders are held in a specially designed electronic system – “ProZorro”.

Thanks to the existence of the auction, each worthy participant can become a winner and secure a good order. The ProZorro system is a special platform on which all tenders are held online. Despite such specifics, online tender participants also do not follow the rules of etiquette.

The ethical behavior of participants in public procurement is a whole range of actions and acts that strictly comply with moral standards and all principles of the procurement procedure. Using of rules is useful in all areas of business. With their help, it is possible to inspire quickly confidence in the client, show your conscientiousness, decency and reliability. Compliance with the rules contributes to fair trading without any “pitfalls”.

About conflict and factors of its reduction

A conflict situation is a whole set of conflict relationships that arise between the participants in the electoral process, which reflect their interests, strengths, and resources.  In order to avoid any troubles, each participant must remember the main factors for reducing conflict. These include:

  • Legality (compliance with laws has been and will be one of the most important aspects of doing business. Participation in public tenders is no exception, the process is regulated by the Law on Public Procurement);
  • Responsibility (each participant must: be responsible for all the smallest aspects, be ready to admit a mistake and be punished for it);
  • Compliance with fair competition (observance of all the rules and principles of fair competition only contributes to victory in a public tender);
  • Mutual respect (participants should not only avoid any manifestations of aggression, threats, humiliation, but, on the contrary, show respect and understanding towards competitors).

Effective participation in tenders. Key Recommendations

There is a whole list of recommendations that are specially designed for effective participation in tenders, namely:

  1. Prior to tender:
  • Representatives who participate in tenders for the first time are encouraged to increase their knowledge and study carefully the laws related to public procurement (using free video tutorials, additional literature, online courses).
  • Follow the annual plans of customers (including their purchases).
  • Show interest in the customer even before the procurement (be the initiator of consultations).

Etiquette of the tender participant in the ProZorro system: simple steps to victory

  1. In the process of preparing a unique tender offer:
  • Be aware of the existence of the right to make adjustments to the tender documents, and use it.
  • Before drawing up a unique tender offer, review all the requirements for this type of documentation several times. Making an offer, do everything clearly according to the requirements in order to avoid disqualification.
  • In the proposal, indicate only reliable information.
  • Avoid any conversations with competitors about the tender offer.
  • When specifying the price, remember all the risks and force majeure.

Ethical behavior in the process of signing the contract and its implementation

 In the process of signing and fulfilling a procurement contract, it is also important not to forget about all the rules of ethical behavior. These include:

  1. When drawing up a public procurement contract, it is important to remember that the law prohibits drawing up contracts and its individual clauses that do not correspond to the original content of the winner's tender offer.
  2. Amendments to the contract should not be allowed (especially with regard to the clause on price increase on the grounds that are not provided for in the contract).
  3. If it is impossible to fulfill the contract, it is important to notify the party in time of all the reasons. In addition, it is necessary to remember about the responsibility for non-compliance with the conditions (fines, damages).
  4. Comply with all conditions under the contract (timely delivery, product quality, proper provision of all services under the contract, etc.).
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