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Power of attorney for submiting and preparation of documents

If you need the legalization services or re-obtainment of documents, you must have heard the requirement that you need the power of attorney from the documents owner. Therefore, we decided to fully disclose the topic and will tell when you need this document, how to correctly write and show examples of powers of attorney for documents getting.

When you need notarized power of attorney

If we speak about the field of preparation, translation and legalization of documents, then the power of attorney is necessary in the following cases:

There are also some other operations with documents, upon which the power of attorney is needed, but they are not frequent. The next item we will tell you about the options of registration of the power of attorney.

How to prepare the power of attorney in Ukraine

If you are in the territory of Ukraine and you need this document – all is very simple. You need to apply to any private notary or notary office and to issue the power of attorney for documents getting or their submission to the Embassy. Our managers will send you the example of its correct preparation by e-mail upon request.

Registration of the power of attorney abroad

The situation becomes more difficult when you are not in the territory of Ukraine, and it is necessary to legalize or discover documents.

In such a case there are several options of preparation of the power of attorney:

  • In Ukrainian Consulate. This option is the most simple and convenient. All that you need is to apply to the Ukrainian diplomatic mission and they can provide the document directly in Ukrainian language. This power of attorney can be used in the territory of Ukraine. It is not required to certify it additionally. Also, please note that this document can be got only by the citizens of Ukraine.
  • At a local notary. This option is more expensive and long. You can issue the document in the official language of the country, in which you stay. Next you need to affix the apostille stamp on the power of attorney or legalize through the consulate (depending on the country). After this you can send the document to us, we will translate it into Ukrainian and notarize. With this package of documents, we will be able to represent your interests in the embassies or to obtain duplicates of documents.

Frequent case of the power of attorney issuance for Italy

Despite the fact that Italy is a participant of the Hague Convention, this country has its own requirements to documents. All papers, prepared for use in the Republic of Italy must be legalized in the Embassy. And, accordingly, the power of attorney is required for this. You can write the power of attorney by hand, on a special form of the embassy. This right is granted to the citizens of Ukraine, who have Permesso di soggiorno or Carta d'identità. On the form you will fill out all necessary information and this will be enough for the legalization of documents in the Embassy of Italy.

Example of the power of attorney for documents getting

As was said earlier, we will provide you the examples of powers of attorney. Below you can see how the document looks like, issued in Ukraine, and the "power of attorney by hand" from Italy.

Power of attorney issued at Ukrainian notary

Form of the power of attorney for legalization in the Embassy of Italy

Now you know all necessary information on options of the power of attorney issuance for legalization or receipt of documents! If the article was helpful for you - share it in social networks, so that more of your friends could read and be acquainted with our blog !

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