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What is nostrification and how to do it?

Education abroad has long ceased to be something special for Ukrainians. Now it is not so difficult to enter a university in almost any other country and, returning home, use a foreign diploma as one of the advantages in the labor market.

However, not everything is so simple. The Certificate confirming the completion of studies is valid without restrictions only in the state in which it was obtained. The value of this document when moving to another country (even if it is the country of permanent residence of a person) is preserved only if it passes the recognition procedure, which is called nostrification.

What is document nostrification?

Do you return to Ukraine after completing your studies abroad or do you move to our country in the expectation of a profitable job? You will need the nostrification. Recognition of education received in another state is nostrification, a procedure that is carried out in all countries.

Without Certificate or Diploma nostrification, it is impossible:

  • to apply for a position that requires an appropriate education;
  • to continue your studies in Ukraine in the appropriate profile.

These rules apply to both Ukrainian citizens and non-residents of Ukraine.

For each specialty, there are differences in the teaching programs. There are also legal differences. Therefore, nostrification is carried out. The purpose of which is to determine the similarities and differences of the educational process, their compliance with Ukrainian requirements. A document of education obtained abroad is recognized in Ukraine only after its nostrification. If you do not pass this procedure, the Diploma will be invalid.

Nostrification of diplomas is not required only in certain cases, which can be found out at the stage of choosing a higher educational institution. Exceptions include state recognition agreements that do not require nostrification, such documents of a particular university or the country with which the relevant agreement is concluded.

How does nostrification work?

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It should be borne in mind that nostrification is not aimed at confirming the authenticity of a diploma or certificate, but at verifying the received education. Nostrification is carried out not by private companies, but by state executive bodies - the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

The nostrification process examines the validity of each specific document. At the same time, the analysis and comparison of educational programs that were listened to in an educational institution abroad is carried out. If the educational programs comply with the standards established in Ukraine, and the rules and norms of education of a particular educational institution do not differ (or have minor differences), the Certificate, Diploma or other document is recognized as valid in Ukraine, and its owner receives an appropriate Certificate of an official sample.

The complexity of verification and comparison is explained by the rather long periods of nostrification. In some cases, it may be necessary to perform additional actions (passing tests that are mandatory for Ukraine, etc.), without which nostrification cannot be passed.

What is nostrification and how to do it?

How is nostrification done?

In order to carry out nostrification, you will need to provide not only a Diploma, Certificate or Certificate that requires translation, but also a package of other documents, which include:

  • application for nostrification;
  • notarized and translated into Ukrainian originals of the diploma and all its integral attachments;
  • a copy of a residence permit in Ukraine (for non-citizens of the state) or a passport of Ukraine for citizens of the state.

Most often, they begin to do nostrification after a person enters the territory of our country, without preparing notarized copies in the country of study. In this case, the nostrification can be carried out by specialized companies that will take care of both the translation of documents and their legalization. In this case, you will also need to provide a Power of Attorney for the right to conduct nostrification, issued to its representatives

What does nostrification look like?

The holder of a Diploma obtained outside of Ukraine, after passing the nostrification procedure, receives a Certificate of recognition of a foreign educational document in Ukraine on an official letterhead. This document is issued by the Ministry of Education and Science and has the form and content stipulated by law.

How long does nostrification work?

The legislation and regulations of Ukraine do not stipulate specific terms during which the nostrification remains valid.

How long does nostrification take?

Jur Klee clients choose the time for which the nostrification will be performed. If the document is not required urgently, and there is a desire to save on paying for the service, you can get it in 50 or 60 days. At the same time, an urgent translation is also performed, for which 5-10 working days are enough.

How much does nostrification cost?

One of the determining conditions for how much you will need to pay for nostrification is who makes the document. Jur Klee offers the best prices in Ukraine. The specific cost of the service directly depends on how long nostrification is done - you can read our offers in the table. If you need an urgent translation of a Certificate or Diploma, you can discuss the amount of payment with our managers.

Nostrification60 working days3841 UAH
50 working days4211 UAH
40 working days4591 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days1980 UAH
10 working days2970 UAH

*it is possible only for employment nostrification in case you have certificate from your university.

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

The managers will also answer any other questions. Related to the nostrification of educational documents or the specifics of the formation of any other documentation related to translations.

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