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What is the nostrification of the certificate: a set of services for the legalization of the document within the specified period

Today, in a matter of hours, you can arrive from one end of the world to another, which is why people go to work or study in any country without fear. This is where they have to find out what the nostrification of the certificate means and what its significance is in your future. In order to continue their studies or get a prestigious job, people are convinced in practice what it is – the nostrification of the existing certificate and what prospects can be counted on.

What does the nostrification of the certificate give?

Since it refers to the process of recognizing foreign educational documents, the solution of this issue is within the competence of the Ministry of Education. However, there is not always time and appropriate training that allows you to deal with the problem yourself. Hence, the conclusion — it is best to seek help from a translation agency, where the certificate is nostrified and other tasks of great importance are performed.

With the support of professionals, the legal recognition of the document in the country of interest will be obtained in the shortest possible time. The owner of the paper on education will be able to focus on the main goal: it is profitable to find a job or enroll in a specific educational body. In addition, note that as a result of the performed procedure, a document from a gymnasium or school acquires a legal status that is in no way inferior to the domestic model.

How to make a certificate nostrification

About how, after all, the nostrification of the certificate takes place, it is possible to find out by familiarizing yourself with the stages of this event:

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  1. Providing information certifying the fact of studying at the specified educational institution;
  2. Confirmation of accreditation, which gives the right to issue a certificate;
  3. Implementation of high-precision translation of the paper on education into the language of the country where it will be presented;
  4. The procedure of notarization of the text;
  5. An appeal to the Ministry of Education for the nostrification of documents.

However, you can start passing the nostrification of the certificate of interest in Ukraine only upon presentation of a package of relevant documents:

  1. The original certificate and all available applications;
  2. A copy of your passport or residence permit;
  3. Application (according to a special sample) regarding the desire to undergo nostrification;
  4. A copy of the document on previous education.

What is the nostrification of the certificate: a set of services for the legalization of the document within the specified period

How much does the certificate nostrification cost

Contact the managers of the translation agency Jur Klee - and they will tell you in detail how much it will cost to nostrify the certificate in Ukraine, what the payment depends on, what services will be needed. Along with the rates of the Bureau, which includes the preparation of documentation, the services of an interpreter and a notary, you will have to pay for the urgency of the work. It matters here whether you need to complete the task in 50, 40, 30, 20 days or in 5-10.

Nostrification of the school certificate (Ukraine)60 working days3841 UAH
50 working days4211 UAH
40 working days4591 UAH
5, 10, 20 working days*check with the manager
Comparative analysis of subjects30 working days1980 UAH
10 working days2970 UAH

*the possibility to complete the procedure for shorter period of time you will be able to say after initial examination of your documents.

**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministry may be increased.

The possibility of counting on an accelerated procedure can be judged only by the result of the initial inspection of the documentation. Cooperation also plays a role, where high professionalism, experience, and the desire to fulfill the order at the highest level are guaranteed.

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