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What is the legalization of a diploma? How to do it?

Citizens who intend to change their place of residence often ask lawyers the question: "What is the legalization of a diploma?" Answer: A diploma from your home country, Ukraine, becomes legally significant in your new country of residence by this process. The need for legalization occurs when a person needs to continue their education or work officially.

Legalization of a diploma is a series of steps that you need to know about in advance. If you do not have enough information and little time, it is better to contact specialists.

A service of legalization of a diploma: What is it? How to get it?

In the modern world, people have the opportunity to change their place of residence. When moving to another country from Ukraine, almost everyone is faced with the need to confirm their education document. There are two ways to do this: put an apostille or legalize your document through a Consulate from anywhere in Ukraine.

How to legalize a diploma?

Therefore, we have figured out what the concept of "legalization of a diploma" means. The countries that have signed the Hague Convention have simplified process of legalization of documents on education. 80 countries that are parties to the Convention recognize in their territories the diplomas of other states certified with a special apostille stamp. It certifies the level of education, specialization, academic degree, and so on.

In other states of the world that are not members of the Convention, a multi-step procedure is required. How to legalize a diploma for Qatar, China, UAE, Oman and other countries?

In short, here are the main processes of the complicated version for countries that are not members of the Hague Convention.

  • First, you need to notarize a copy of a diploma and its translation.
  • Second, you need to put the seal of the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine on it.
  • Third, it is necessary to put a seal in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (and thus certify the seal and signature of an official from the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine).

The next step involves a direct visit to the Consulate: you need to get a certified copy of the diploma stamped by the Consulate of a required country. The document processing period may take one or more days. This depends on the specific Consulate. For example, in the UAE, this period is at least three business days. Is personal presence required at the Consulate? No, this can be done remotely with the help of lawyers.

What does a legalized diploma look like?

The photos show a sample of a legalized diploma. Samples of legalized diplomas may look different in different countries.

What is the legalization of a diploma? How to do it?

Who makes the legalization of a diploma?

Where is it possible to get a diploma legalized quickly? To legalize the document on education with no hassle and wasting time in queues, please contact the staff of our company. Send a scanned copy of your diploma to our email right now, and we will respond to you about the time required for this procedure and its cost. The fact is that the price and terms of our services vary depending on the state in which you intend to get an education or work.

Acting as a representative of your interests, we will take care of all the paperwork and arrange for the delivery of a certified document.

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