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What is document legalization?

These are certain actions that are aimed at giving the documents a legal force on the territory of a certain country. The ultimate goal is to submit them to the official bodies or structures of another state. Legalization is a procedure that is necessary, for example, for your power of attorney issued in Uruguay to be valid in another country. It is often ordered for immigration.

Here we should refer to the Hague Convention, which was signed in 1961. In the early 90's, Ukraine joined it. Countries that have signed this Convention have significantly simplified the legalization process. In order to give the document legal force, you just need to put a special stamp, which is called an "apostille".

If the state has not signed the above-mentioned international agreement, then its citizens will have to understand the question: consular legalization, what is it? This process is used for foreign economic document management. In comparison with an apostille, consular legalization is a much more complex two-way process. You need to go through several stages.

  1. The translated paper must be signed by a notary.
  2. It should be certified by the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.
  3. A seal of the Consular Department's officer is required.
  4. The paper must be sent for identification to the Consulate (Embassy) of the country where it will be provided.

Consular legalization of documents is a task that you are unlikely to be able to complete on your own. You will have to contact competent specialists. They will help you to save your time and nerves.

Document legalization is a procedure that you may not need in some cases. Be sure to check this point with the authority to which you are going to provide the paper. A bilateral agreement can be concluded between states, which significantly facilitates the requirements. It is quite possible that the original papers will fit even without translation. You should know the answer to the question: what is a document legalization? Some papers may not be subject to this procedure at all.

The process in question is carried out only on the territory of the country where the papers were received. Next, you will learn more about a document legalization. The procedure itself will be discussed in detail. In addition, you will learn about some of the subtleties and where to turn for help.

The legalization may be consular or through the apostille stamp.

You don’t know what form of legalization is needed?

What does a document legalization mean?

If a simplified procedure is applied in your case, then you must affix an apostille. Most often, it is found on a copy of the paper, which is notarized. This is usually a death or birth certificate. All documents that are notarized should be submitted to the Ministry of Justice of Ukraine.

If you do not want to understand what it means to legalize documents, just contact our trusted experts. You can find them in our company. We will solve all documentation issues for you. The fact is that the Ministry of Justice is a rather bureaucratic department. You can simply return the papers back. With our experts, you will not have to learn what it means to legalize documents. They will do everything promptly and in accordance with the current legislation. Just fill out a special form on the site.

Examples of legalized documents for different countries

You can see the documents examples listed below, they underwent the process of legalization. Such documents are valid in the country, for which they were legalized.






What is a consular certification?

This is a complicated procedure that should be followed if the country of destination of the document is not a member of the Hague Convention. In this case, you will have to contact its Consul. At the same time, the procedure will cost you a large amount of money. Now you know what consular legalization of documents is. We should make one clarification: the paper will be legally valid only in the country whose Consulate is marked on it. Unfortunately, many countries have not yet signed the Convention, so we have to deal with this procedure.

What can be legalized?

Here we should refer to international practice. You cannot do anything with documents that have a photo on them:

  • passports;
  • employment record;
  • military ID;
  • professional union tickets;
  • characteristics from work to attend conferences;
  • driving license.

Now you know what document legalization is. This is quite a complex process if you try to complete it yourself. It is recommended to contact experienced specialists immediately. They will help to save not only your time, but also your nerves.

If you do not know what legalization means, ask your employees about it. All of them have a lot of experience. They are ready not only to answer questions, but also to give a full consultation. All conditions can be discussed in advance. You will know on what date you will receive the desired paper with stamp.

Experts will also tell you which documents are subject to legalization. If you have made mistakes before, they will be corrected. Among our clients, there are large corporations that trust us with their documentation. Despite the high professionalism of our employees and the tight deadlines for providing services, prices in JUR KLEE are at an affordable level. It is unlikely that you will be able to find similar conditions from competitors.

All services are provided based on an officially concluded contract. All your received documents will be in the registry. Therefore, there will definitely be no problems at the border with various services.

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