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Translation bureau is

Coming in various ministries, the people are often applying to us on the issues of documents legalization, are clarifying the sequence of actions for one or another state. And this is not a bit strangely, because all requirements get from the accepting foreign party sounds like this: "You need to put the apostille on the diploma", "Get the police clearance certificate and legalize it in the embassy." With it, the person is not even acquainted with the procedure details and thus you are forced to apply to the translation bureau.

Many opponents of intermediary companies say, "You can do all on your own, why do we need translation bureaus?". And only a few people are aware of the value of our services. This happens mainly after a person, staying in queue in Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an hour, knows that he did not come to the necessary institution, and has no time to submit the documents for the legalization in Ministry of Justice. Especially sadly looks the situation, when a person came from Odessa or Vinnitsa specially to issue his/her document for abroad.

Translation bureau – what is it?

There are many chances if you ask the first corner what the translation bureau is – he will say that it is a company, in which many translators into a huge number of languages are sitting. In fact it is not so, because the services range of some companies has long gone beyond the documentation translation.

Translation bureau is a company of services, which provides the assistance in language translations, as well as other related issues on documents registration for abroad.

Today, the vast majority of bureaus of translation and legalization of documents deals with the complex support of our compatriots and foreigners, who wish to travel abroad with the Ukrainian documents. Thus, for example, in order to ensure a quick and safe preparation of documents in any country of the world several departments in Translation Bureau Jur Klee operates:

What is the translation bureau?

  • Clients’ department.
  • Department on work with corporate clients.
  • Courier department.
  • Translators themselves, without whom most bureaus would not exist.
  • Also, the translation bureau, as any other company cannot do without accounting, marketing (advertising) and other essential components of modern business.

Are you still asking yourself "What is the translation bureau?" Call in Jur Klee, and we will advise what is the essence of our services, maybe we can be useful to you!

How to correctly choose the translation bureau?

Most often, for the documents legalization it is necessary to present the documents originals, on which the stamps of ministries and embassies will be put. Of course, many people do not want to give the original of diploma or birth certificate to any company, and all the more to issue the Power of attorney for their interests’ representation in these institutions. So how to choose the translation bureau to avoid getting caught by non-professionals?

What does translation bureau deal with – how to choose

It's cheaper. Many people developed the opinion that everything is more expensive in the capital, accordingly the intermediary’s services in the matters of documents issuance - even more so. Here, this law is not working, as the majority of ministries and embassies are located exclusively in Kiev.

Therefore, if you are applying to the regional translation bureau - all these documents are sent to the partner company in Kiev, which is engaged in your documents registration for the necessary country. In this case, in the system the additional agent appears, which by no means can reduce the cost of the overall process and positively affect the safety of your documents.

It is more reliable. In the regional companies are working the people, who most likely have never been in the ministries, authorized to put the legalization and the apostille stamps on documents. Accordingly, they simply will not be able to advise you properly with more complex situations for "rare countries", which can threaten you by the improperly issued documents and, as a result, wasted time and finances.

  1. Apply directly to Kiev translation bureau.
  2. Come in translation bureau office. If nevertheless you have stopped on the agency in your city - obligatorily come in its office in person. Get the consultation and ask to give you the receipt with the corresponding stamp of translation bureau. This is a standard document, which will include your contact details, the documents submitted for registration, the amount, and the most important - the terms, which the company must adhere to.
  3.  The detailed consultation is the first sign of professionalism. Obligatorily get more detailed manager’s consultation on the procedure, which is required in your case for the necessary country. Only on the basis of the received information, you will be able to know in what extend the person is familiar with the information in your issue. This will help to reject the incompetent companies, which can spoil your documents.

Agency guarantees on documents translation

The receipt of the Translation Bureau Jur Klee on the letter-head

Very often our clients ask what guarantees we give so that a document would be issued on time, and most importantly – is issued in such form, in which it will be accepted abroad. In this situation, the translation companies have some difficulties, because often it is impossible to give any guarantees except: "We are working as much as N years on the market" or "our guarantees are our satisfied clients, read references on our website".

Here it is important that you have on hands the receipt with the manager’s signature and the seal of the translation bureau, this is the "minimum program" upon the company visiting. With this document you can go to court, if it comes to this course.

And in the conclusion

Today everybody saves time and money, wants to work only with professionals of their business. If you have any questions on the documents legalization, the apostille putting or the preparation of any other documents for migration – please, call our managers and make sure that we are professionals of our business and our permanent actions and discounts will help you saving.

Good luck in the choice of the correct and responsible translation bureau!

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