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What is an apostille documentsMany of our clients while ordering the service of documents apostillization, ask what is the apostille? We have decided to fully disclose this issue and wrote this article.

The apostille is the international stamp, standard according to registration, which confirms the legality of a certain paper. Is put on a document or is drawn up as the supplement to it. The apostille is put on original documents of state standard or on their notarized copies, and cannot be put on the documents not issued by public authorities.

Why do you need the Apostille stamp?

Understand what the Apostille and its needs is easy. Almost all of the documents required abroad, must be translated and legalized. In 1961, it adopted the Hague Convention Abolishing the procedure for consular legalization, which greatly simplifies giving legal force to the document, putting it apostille. Since then, all countries that have acceded to this Agreement may legalize the paper so.

In other words, apostille is the confirmation of the document authenticity, as well as the confirmation of the fact that the person, who has signed the correspondent document, had all necessary powers for it.

What may be apostilled?

The apostille stamp cannot be put on documents of the countries, which are not participating in the Haque Convention signing.

In this case, the document is liable to a laborious and tiring procedure - the consular legalization, the essence of which consists in the certification of document in ministries of Ukraine and the consulate of the destination country.

To the apostillization are liable the documents issued by:

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  • Authorities of prosecutor’s office of Ukraine;
  • Authorities of judicial power;
  • Authorities of justice;
  • Administrative documents (marriage/divorce certificate, birth or death certificate);
  • By public (or private) notaries;
  • Notarized copies of the following documents: employment record cards, passport documents, military tickets, technical passports, permits for weapons (this point came into force since 2014;
  • Educational documents confirming scientific degree (diplomas, school progress records, certificates, diplomas of candidates, doctors of sciences, bachelor diplomas, transcripts from universities archives).

Three institutions can put the apostille in Ukraine: Ministry of Education (ME), Ministry of Justice (MinJust) and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA):

  • MES puts the apostille on educational documents;
  • MinJust on papers issued by notarial bodies, authorities of justice and courts;
  • MFA – the apostille on any types of documents.

How it should look like and what is the information on the apostille?

The apostille is the stamp having a rectangular shape. The stamp must have a series of numbered paragraphs and the obligatory reference to the Convention.


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More examples of the apostille at: https://jurklee.ua/en/samples-stamp/

Do you need to put the apostille?
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