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transfer of resident’s visa of the UAE in a new international passport

The Arab Emirates is an excellent country not only for tourism, but also for working or doing business in it. As a rule, foreign citizens who were employed or intend to get a job or open their business in this country need a resident’s visa. Such a visa allows you staying in the country for much longer than a tourist’s visa to the United Arab Emirates.

It is affixed in the international passport, but none of us, unfortunately, is insured against the case when the international passport with a resident’s visa can be lost or stolen. What to do in this situation? - read further this article, because the information is taken from our personal experience in dealing with this issue.

Necessary documents for the transfer of a resident’s visa in a new international passport

First of all, after the loss of international passport, you need to get a new one - this is a mandatory procedure not only for the visa transfer, but also for traveling abroad. So, the list of documents you need to provide in order to transfer the visa looks like this:

  • Scan-copy of a new international passport;
  • Photo or scan-copy of lost international passport;
  • Photo or scan-copy of the resident’s visa of the UAE;
  • Your printed photo of size 3*4;
  • Document identifying a person, who lost the international passport (Ukrainian passport or residence permit);
  • Letter from working place (on the letterhead of the company with stamp and signature) or letter from the father issued by the Department for Migration - إدارةالهجرة;
  • Document from the police that the passport was really lost (if the document from the police is from another country it is not a problem, we can make its translation);
  • ID card of the Arab Emirates;

It is very important that the documents, which are provided in electronic form, are of very good quality, otherwise the Embassy of the UAE may not accept them. For what they need to be carried to the Embassy and how the visa transfer process is going on, you will learn from the next paragraph.

4 steps on the way of transfer of resident’s visa to a new international passport

In fact, the already existing resident’s visa is not affixed in a new international passport – after passing the entire procedure you will receive a special document on hand, but about it later. So, 4 steps on the way to success in this matter:

  1. You need to bring or send us by mail (scanned copies can be sent by e-mail) all of the above documents;
  2. With the loss of foreign passport abroad: the legalization of a certificate of loss from the Police received in the country of losing the document;
  3. To issue the power of attorney and the affidavit (do not worry about the affidavit, we will give you the contacts of a notary who will do it, and our managers will be able to explain to you in detail what it is);
  4. Translation of documents with their further legalization in ministries, and then submission to the Consulate;
  5. After the legalization of all documents in the Consulate, follows their submission (this time by the Consulate itself) in the Migration Service of the Arab Emirates. The Migration Service within a month (possibly up to 2 months) examines the inquiry and then issues the following double-sided document:

Document confirming the visa transfer (title page)

Reverse side of the document, which transfers the visa

With such documents, you boldly take your international passport (without the visa in it) and fly to the United Arab Emirates.

Why it is sufficiently to make 2 steps for the transfer of resident’s visa?

Everything is simple, doing this by yourself, you will need to go through all 4 steps, which means that you will have to deal yourself with the translation of documents (for example, search for translation bureau) and the most time spending is to bypass ministries in order to legalize documents. Applying to us, you only need:

  1. To bring the document;
  2. To issue the power of attorney and the statement at a notary for our employees.

After that, we take care of everything, and you just have to make plans for the future, do your own business and wait for the ready document. Contact JurKlee - we are always glad to help!

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