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Безкоштовне навчання за кордоном для українців

You can study abroad for free. Here are the main ways how it works.

  1. Some countries offer free studies to foreigners.
  2. A foundation or a university assigns an internal scholarship.
  3. You can study under the partner program called "the double diploma system".
  4. You can get a grant for studies.

Who can get free education in another country

To get an opportunity to study abroad for free, an applicant must have talent, commitment, and creative thinking. These applicants receive scholarships, they study at the expense of the university and they are welcome to submit applications for grants. 

Here are the conditions under which Ukrainians get the opportunity to study in another country for free:

  1. If the applicant has history of: 
  • participation in national Olympiads;
  • participation in international Olympiads;
  • prizewinning in such Olympiads.
  1. Together with teachers or researchers (scientists), the applicant conducted scientific research with successful outcome.
  1. Significant results achieved in the scientific field.
  1. The applicant graduated from the national school or the university with honors.

If the applicant attained a high level of professionalism and this fact can be confirmed, then the way to state-funded education will be opened for them more likely when entering a foreign university.

Who becomes a scholarship holder

The moment when the scholarship is awarded can be either on admission to the university or at the time of study. A scholarship is awarded:

  • for academic achievements;
  • for active volunteer work;
  • for scientific work;
  • for other achievements.

Scholarships are awarded to both undergraduate and graduate students and doctoral students. Typically, the bachelors may have only partial funding. But doctoral students often get the opportunity to study for free.

What scholarships are awarded by universities

There are many universities abroad that have funding programs for talented and active young people. A scholarship from the university can partially cover the cost of studying.

At the same time, there are well-known universities that not only provide students with scholarships but also cover the costs of both studying and living in a hostel for young people.

Government scholarships

Some States have established large scholarship programs that can be used by foreign students. Among government-funded programs, the most well-known are:

  • Fulbright Scholar Program (active in the United States);
  • Endeavour Leadership Program (active in Australia);
  • Chevening Scholarships (active in the UK).

The opportunity to study abroad for free is provided to students who are winners of these programs.

Provision of scholarships by private organizations

Many scholarship programs and student exchange programs abroad are funded by non-governmental organizations:

  • associations;
  • large enterprises;
  • private foundations.

Large companies are interested in training highly qualified specialists, so they provide talented young people with the opportunity to study with grants and scholarships. The size of the scholarship and the conditions for granting it are individual in each situation.

Providing a sports scholarship

Financial support can be provided by a university for more than just academic success. Many universities in the United States undertake to pay for studies for young people who have been successful in sports. American universities assign 2 types of sports scholarships.

First, scholarships that cover tuition, accommodation and food for the student.

Second, university scholarships that cover 50% to 100% of tuition.

Requirements for scholarship applicants

To receive an academic scholarship, candidates are required to submit a set of documents. It includes:

  • copies of the bachelor's degree diploma or certificate confirming obtaining the education (also certified translation of these documents);
  • certificates that can confirm the applicant's knowledge of foreign languages (one or more);
  • the statement showing the marks obtained in the previous educational institution;
  • CV.

Often, potential fellows are required to provide a portfolio of their own developments or a list of publications in scientific journals. Sometimes you need to possess a GMAT certificate. Applicants with higher test scores, better grades and an interesting portfolio have a better chance of getting a scholarship.

To get a sports scholarship an applicant needs to confirm only their success in sports. However, you will definitely need to provide a translation of your school certificate and other documents when you apply.

Assistance in preparing the necessary documents

It is best to entrust this work to Jur Klee Company. Employees of the Company will prepare all Ukrainian documents required for obtaining foreign education. The documentation will be translated accompanied with Apostille or legalization.

We could not help you choosing a university and passing the admission but we will arrange documents in clear accordance to all the rules. Our professional assistance will help you not to miss the chance to study for free at the chosen foreign university.

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