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Apostille on a power of attorney, what is it?

A power of attorney is a document whereby a person transfers part of their authority to another person to grant or act on their behalf.

The power of attorney is issued on the basis of an agreement that defines the internal relationship between the principal and the trustee (employment contract, power of attorney, and others).

In Ukraine, a notarized power of attorney, duly executed, gives the right to use it within the country without restrictions. But you can not use such a power of attorney abroad, it is necessary to put an apostille stamp, and depending on the country in which the events on this document will be carried out, the order of apostille registration may change.

What is an apostille for a power of attorney? What does an apostille for a power of attorney look like?

Many people ask the question: apostille on a power of attorney — what is It, and whether it is necessary to put an apostille on a power of attorney? We will explain.

Apostille is a special stamp in the form of a square with the seal of the relevant office, signature and information about the Hague Convention, which confirms the authenticity and status of the principal. The apostille stamp on the power of attorney looks the same as on other documents.

Before apostille certification, it is necessary to translate all the details of the original power of attorney into the language of the country for which the power of attorney is intended, with a highly qualified translator.

Apostille is the most common procedure for legalizing a document.

It is important to note that an apostilled power of attorney is a power of attorney that is valid only in the countries participating in the Hague Convention, in other countries it is not valid, and it is necessary to issue consular legalization.

Do I need an apostille on a power of attorney?

To the question: do you need an apostille for a power of attorney? It can be said that if you need to confirm the legal validity of the power of attorney in another country, then you can not do it without apostilling the power of attorney, within the countries of the Hague Convention.

How to make an apostille on a power of attorney.

An apostille on a foreign power of attorney is affixed only after it is translated into one of the official languages of the country for which it is intended. The translation must be made officially at the translation agency. It should be noted that some countries (for example, Germany, Brazil) do not accept documents that were translated in Ukraine, while in Italy the translation must be carried out only by a specialist with valid accreditation, and in Austria and Belgium requires two apostilles for a power of attorney. There are a lot of subtleties and nuances in apostilling power of attorney, so call the translation agency managers in advance and specify the information you are interested in, since any inaccuracy in processing documents can negatively affect the relationship with partners or disrupt the contract.

Where can I put an apostille on a power of attorney? Who puts an apostille on a power of attorney?

The power of attorney is apostilled by one of the ministries of Ukraine, including the Ministry of Justice.

Apostille on the power of attorney can be affixed in several ways:

  • to the original power of attorney;
  • for translation of a document certified by a notary and filed with the original;
  • a notarized copy of the power of attorney;
  • to a document translation that is notarized and attached to a notarized copy of the power of attorney.

If you contact the translation agency, you will not have a question: where to put an apostille on a notarized power of attorney? Translation Agency managers will provide detailed advice on this issue.

The cost of apostilling a power of attorney.

The price for providing the apostille stamp on the power of attorney may vary and depends on the country in which it is required, the specifics and requirements for its registration in this country, as well as the urgency of this order.

Ministry of Justice (Apostille)3-4 days450 UAH
7-10 days350 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministrу may be increased.

Do I need a power of attorney for apostille?

The Hague Convention states that a power of attorney is not required to affix an Apostille stamp. For example, a relative of a person who is located in another country can put an apostille on any document without providing a power of attorney.

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