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An apostille on a death certificate: where to put it and who issues it?

Important documents issued in Ukraine must be marked if they are to be presented in the territory of a States Parties to the Hague Convention. Many countries have signed up to it. The agreement sets clear rules for legalization of the documents on the territory of a particular country. An apostille on a death certificate gives the paper legal force.

Be sure to read the samples and design of this seal beforehand. It should contain the following information:

  • date;
  • city where the document was issued;
  • full name of an official;
  • seal.

Why do people need an apostille on a death certificate?

It should be issued for performing any legally significant actions in another country. These include:

  • registration of a new marriage;
  • organization of burial of a body on the territory of another country;
  • registration of citizenship;
  • getting access to the estate and finances of the testator;
  • issuing various types of visas;
  • approval of a residence permit;
  • registration of payments and benefits for the loss of a breadwinner.

Naturally, this list is much longer. You can discuss this issue in more detail with employees of the Ministry of Justice or private companies.

Where to put an apostille on a death certificate

You can do this at the Ministry of Justice. It should be noted that this is a fairly bureaucratic department. Civil servants may have a large number of questions about the papers you submitted. In addition, the performance of the work may be delayed. It is often reported that the Ministry of Justice is the only place where this type of registration is made, but this is not entirely true.

Today, you can order this service from a private company. This option has several advantages. The main one is the tight deadlines for completing the work. You will definitely not have any problems with collecting all the necessary documents. In addition, it is often not even necessary to go to any addresses. Just send all the papers by mail. Private companies can guarantee security and privacy.

Basic requirements for putting an apostille on a death certificate

If you apply to the Ministry of Justice, you should make sure that it has the signatures in the database that the Registrar made in the Registry Office. Usually everything is done without problems, but sometimes there are annoying misunderstandings. If there is no signature in the archive, you will have to contact the Registry Office again to issue a new document and leave a request. There are often difficulties with documents issued before 1991.

There may be other difficulties in obtaining an apostille for a previously issued death certificate. It should not be laminated. The next important requirement is the absence of extraneous marks (about the blood type, the presence of extraneous certificates) and stamps. An apostille only confirms the authenticity of the notary's signature, but not the authenticity of the document itself. Most of the countries that have signed the Convention do not accept copies, they require the original. Not only a close relative of the deceased can apply to the Ministry of Justice. Even a third party can do this, and no power of attorney is required.

Who issues an apostille on a death certificate

As it was noted earlier, the Ministry of Justice can deliver it, but it is much better to contact a private company so that the whole process is not delayed. The service in question will be provided to you in Jur Klee. Just contact the employees of our translation agency, they will immediately send instructions with further steps. You will not have any problems with this.

The advantages include the fact that the company strictly adheres to the established deadlines. If you have any questions, our specialists will answer them. As for the prices of services, they are at an affordable level. Previously, you can view the price list in the table below.

Ministry of Justice (Apostille)3-4 days450 UAH
7-10 days350 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministrу may be increased.

If you trust the company, you will no longer have any questions about how to put an apostille on a death certificate. There are many useful materials on our translation agency's website. You will surely find answers to your many questions here. In addition, you can visit the office, which is located in Kyiv.

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