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Sworn translation (accredited, legal)We often have to answer the question "What is the difference between accredited, legal and sworn translation?". Some translation bureaus in Kiev have more than 15 years, but no one really could make a deserving publication on this topic.

Wikipedia on the request "accredited translator at embassy," "sworn" or "specialized legal translation" also does not help you. Therefore, in our blog we will continue to disclose all secrets without unnecessary questions or remorse, we do not mind =)

Types of documents translations

Let’s begin with the fact that official (confirmed) translation in Ukraine is a notarized translation (judicially certified translation). It is required for presentation in official instances. However, not all countries accept the translation performed by Ukrainian translator, therefore, embassies or other international official institutions of different states introduce accreditations, certifications or other “distinctive marks” for translators of one or another country.

In order to understand what do you specifically need, notarized or other type of translation, you firstly need to know for what country the documents package is prepared. It is very important because the Embassies of different European states have different requirements for documents and their translations. Such countries as France, Italy, Czechia, Poland, Slovakia require translation by accredited translator (it is also called “sworn”). And in such country as Germany the concept of legal translation of documents exists.

Seal of sworn French translator - Kiev

Sample of the stamp of accredited translator (France)

So, at this stage we understood, official are the following types of translations:

  1. Notarized translation. For use in Ukraine and the majority of other countries);
  2. Sworn translation (accredited). Is made by the translators, who obtained the accreditation at the Embassy of France, Italy, Poland, Slovakia or Czechia.
  3. Legal translation. . Concerns exclusively the Embassy of Germany, is made in the territory of the FRG.

What is accredited translation?

Now you may wonder why we wrote "accredited" and "sworn" in brackets. The answer to this question is very simple – these are the synonyms. Accredited (sworn) translator is a certified translator, who makes translation of documents, having with it the accreditation of a particular country's embassy.

The translator’s accreditation means that this employee has a document about special education, which confirms his/her qualification, as well as that he/she passed a special procedure of accreditation at embassy.

Important: The sworn (accredited) translation does not need additional notarization. The translated document is directly submitted in the Embassy consular department for further legalization (apostillization).

Translation of sworn translator - France

Sample of the French sworn (accredited) translation

Legal translation in Germany: procedure for apostillization

A slightly different situation is with legal translation, it is typical only for Germany and is made by translators at a court. All this takes place in the territory of the Federal Republic of Germany. The apostille is affixed on documents, and then sent to Germany for making legal translation. In fact, the legal translation - it's a synonymous concept to a sworn or accredited translation. The main difference in these variants of translation is for what country this translation is made.

How much costs accredited translation

Despite the fact that this is a very specific translation variant typical for a small number of countries, our translation bureau will always help you to translate documents using accredited, legal or sworn translator.

You can acquaint with the translation prices in the Table:




Accredited translation into French:

Police clearance certificate or plastic diploma (standard document)

Please, clarify by phones or through the online chat

450 UAH

Non-standard (for 1860 signs with gaps)

450 UAH/1860 symbol. translation

Accredited translation into Italian:

Standard (diploma, certificate, school certificate)

5 working days

300 UAH

2 working days

450 UAH

Non-standard (1800 symbol. translation)**

5 working days

300 UAH/1800 symbol. translation

2 working days

450 UAH/1800 symbol. translation

Accredited translation into Czech:

Police clearance certificate or plastic diploma (standard document)

Please, clarify by phones or through the online chat

From 480 UAH

Certificate from bank

From 520 UAH

Accredited translation into Polish:

Standard document (plastic certificate or diploma, certificates, references)

4 working days (in summer time 5-6 working days)

750 UAH

Supplement to master’s, bachelor’s or specialist’s diploma

750 UAH/1125 symbol. translation

Supplement to certificate of complete general secondary education

750 UAH

Accredited translation into Slovak:

Police clearance certificate

3 working days

30 еuro

The document of the registry office, an extract of the registry office

40 еuro

Plastic diploma, certificate

40 еuro

Non-standard document (1800 symbol. translation)

35 еuro/1800 symbol. translation

*the price is not a public offer

If you have any questions on translations types or want to calculate the translation cost – please, fill out the form of back call or call our company!

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