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Article how to legalize documents in the Embassy of China It's not a secret for anybody that China is a very popular country for Ukrainians. The full-fledged and legal migration to the PRC takes place not without the participation of the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine, because China has not signed the Hague Convention (excluding Hong Kong and Macao), therefore, all documents pass the procedure of consular legalization.

In summer, the Chinese Embassy in Ukraine is "glorified" by its queues for documents submission for obtaining a visa or the consular legalization. So we decided to share our experience of documents submission in this Embassy in the hottest period of the documents legalization - the period of obtaining certificates and diplomas by our former school-leavers and students.

This article will be interesting for the people, who want to deal alone with the documents legalization for China. If you are not such - for you, too, something useful will be found;)

How to submit documents in the Embassy of China?

We do not want to give you false hopes, because working in this field for over 10 years, we are constantly facing with the "huge" queues and difficulties on the way to the cherished "window".

Example of the consular legalization for China

Mark about passage of the consular legalization in the Embassy of China

As you have already guessed, there are 2 variants for passing a certain procedure in the embassy - independent, and with the help of the company, representing your interests, like our Company - Jur Klee. All details on the procedure of documents legalization for China are given on a separate page with documents samples, possible prices and terms, and now we will talk about the independent submission.

Step 1: Define yourselves with the urgency

A man is inclined to do everything at the last moment, and such an important event as migration, or rather the preparation for it, is not the exception. We are talking about a visa registration or the consular legalization for China.

Before you decide to independently register documents for China you need to define yourselves with the deadlines. If you are a responsible person and in advance thought over legal points – you can independently pass to the practice, to be interested in the procedure and the possible deadlines, the necessary package of documents. If the deadlines are quite limited - this is the first signal to reflect on the transfer of such a responsible task to the specialists.

Step 2: See in the calendar

If the need for the legalization or a visa obtainment fell down at the first half of the summer – stand firm, the queue before Embassy doors will not make you happy.

The most convenient time for the documents legalization for China or a visa obtainment to this country - it is the winter period after the New Year. During this time you will not have to drop from the very morning and wait for the cherished 9:00 – the reception beginning. Otherwise, go to bed early, because tomorrow you will have to "look through the dreams" under the Embassy doors...

Calculate the costs for traveling in the Embassy

The Embassy of China in Ukraine, unfortunately, is only one and it is in Kiev, therefore, if you live outside the capital – it is worth to calculate the cost of travel, meals, accommodation and other expenses, which you will incur.

We constantly observe the situation when after the documents receiving to the acceptance window run people, who furiously begin to explain that they had come from another city, for today are bought the tickets on the train, plane, they have nowhere to live, and so on. Of course, the employees of the embassy will not greet you with a smile, and will not say, "of course, give your documents, we will do everything in the best possible way." This situation happens constantly, of course it is a pity to look at these people, and we want to offer our services, which, to the point, will be much cheaper than a trip to the capital. For example, we calculated the approximate costs of a trip in Kiev (for 2015). We indicated the minimal amounts, so to speak the "economy variant". The cost of our services for the trip in the embassy is only 200 UAH. You can find out the full price on the page about the documents legalization for China.

The long-awaited trip to the Embassy of China

If you are tired of hearing the general concepts - move on to the specifics!

In one of the days of July we dropped in the Embassy for documents submission for the consular legalization since 05:30 (a.m.!). If you are surprised - it's not all, because having come so early, we have been the 17th in the queue. The reception in the Embassy begins at 9:00 a.m., therefore, we had to sit under the doors of more than 3 hours, and hope that the queue would come to us. Yes, we were lucky, we have submitted the documents, and our clients remained satisfied of our work, but the reception ended on us, that is, totally per a day the embassy accepted 17 people. Accordingly, all who come after us (after 5:30) will return home with their documents and will try the luck tomorrow.

The quietest day in the Embassy of China (Kiev)

We hope this story will be useful for you, and you will come dropping in time. It's worth noting that we have submitted documents for legalization, the visa direction is more competitive, so if you need a visa to China – it will not be superfluous to come much earlier.

Let’s resume

We sincerely hope that our article was useful for you, and you will make the right for you variant. We do not do the propaganda of our services and just want to make your life easier in the issues of migration and travels. Therefore, let's still summarize and answer to the question "Do the legalization for China alone or consult the lawyers?":

The independent travel to the embassy is for you if you:

  • Live in Kiev or near the capital
  • Have a lot of free time and you did not feel sorry for waiting in the queue under the Chinese Embassy and in ministries
  • Do not want to or are afraid to trust your documents to the company - the translation bureau, as well as to courier services for the delivery in Kiev
  • Are ready to overpay for the trip in Kiev (for non-residents) only to submit the documents independently
  • For a long time wanted to spend a few days in Kiev

 You have to use the services of our company if you:

  • Appreciate your time and do not want to "spend" it in the queues
  • Are far outside of Kiev or even abroad
  • Understand that totally you will save upon applying to the company
  • You do not want to deep into the intricacies of the procedure, and you need to quickly and without troubles legalize documents for China
  • You already had the deplorable experience of cooperation with ministries and embassies, and do not want to repeat the mistakes.

In general, if you appreciate your time and money, if you do not want to waste your nerves and forces on the things, which the specialists can do for you - contact the translation bureau. The cost of the legalization of all documents package for China will be fully repaid, and you will not need to obtain the leave from work or break plans for the sake of such business as the documents registration for China.

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