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In order that the documents received in the territory of Ukraine have the legal force in Germany they shall be legalized according to the international norms.

The most widespread questions: Apostille – Germany

In 1961 was signed the Convention about Apostille, which have changed the order of giving to documents of international legal force. This Convention abolishes the obligatory legalization of foreign official documents for the countries-participants of the Convention. However, just Germany was against the Ukrainian joining to the Convention, because in the diplomatic institutions of Germany was submitted a huge number of false documentation from the side of Ukraine.

In July 2010 Germany acknowledged Ukraine as a full-fledged participant of the Convention. After this for the recognition of Ukrainian documents in the territory of FRG it is sufficient to affix the apostille stamp for Germany.

If after the apostille affixing you plan to submit the documents in the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine, then you can order at us the translation into German with the notarization. The cost of such translation will constitute 65 UAH for a standard document.

Rules of the translation preparation for Germany:

  • For the document submission in the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine will be suitable the translation made in a translation bureau and certified by a Ukrainian notary.
  • For the presentation in the territory of Germany after apostille the translation shall be executed by a sworn translator under the court. It is faster to make such translation directly in Germany. If you don’t want to spend your time for the searches of such translator – you can order the translation at us, we are constantly working with such translators. The cost of the translation by the sworn translator of Germany will constitute 60 Euros.

Since 2010 after the recognition of Ukraine as a full-fledged participant of the Hague Convention, the document certification in the Embassy of Germany in Ukraine is not required (it means after the apostille affixing for Germany). After the translation execution by a sworn translator you can submit the documents in any institution of Germany without any problems.

While in Ukraine (outside Kiev) or even abroad, in terms of saving time and money would be more profitable to affix the apostille for Germany through the company Jur Klee. The cost of the complete procedure is significantly lower than the road to Kiev and back, and you can spend the saved time on more valuable tasks.

You can get the ready documents for Germany by any convenient courier service, which deals with documents delivery in the territory of Ukraine and all over the world.

How the apostille for Germany in Ukraine looks like

You can see below the examples of apostille for Germany. Depending on the document you may be required the apostille in different ministries.



Ministry of Education

You can see on the page “Apostille on documents” the more detailed information about affixing the Apostille stamp on the documents issued in Ukraine, and see the examples of already legalized documents you can on the link «Examples of apostille stamps».

You can get the gratuitous consultation on the issues of apostille affixing for Germany by phone:


Order the specialist’s gratuitous call!

Procedure of documents preparation for Germany

Schematically the apostillization procedure looks like this.

1. Apostille

The stamp on the original or on the document notarized copy is affixed. It is possible to affix the apostille for Germany through our company by contacting the manager or sending the documents through the form «Order the apostille for Germany» located below (the red button).

The procedure for each document is unique, therefore, only the manager can tell you the total amount, and the terms and the costs of apostillization for Germany under the ministries you can seen on the page about apostille in Ukraine.

2. Translation of document

In the territory of Germany (FRG) is not accepted the translation confirmed by a Ukrainian notary. The document shall be translated and certified by the sworn German translator.

Exclusion: the submission of documents with apostille in the Embassy of Germany, in this case the translation can be certified by a Ukrainian notary.


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