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If you decide to connect your fate with France - you will need the correctly prepared documents.

The procedure of legalization of Ukrainian documents for France is quite tiring, because it has several ways of one task resolution, on which the speed and the cost of the final result depends.

The most widespread questions: Apostille – France

Since 1961 after signing the Hague Convention was cancelled the obligatory legalization of foreign documents in the Embassy of France in Ukraine, because France is a participant of this Convention.

In 2003 Ukraine also has signed the Hague Convention, which signified in its territory the abolishment of tiring procedure – the consular legalization. Therefore, the documents are registered by way of affixing on them the apostille stamp for France.

You can make the translation for France both by usual and accredited (sworn) translator. On this depends the further procedure of document apostillization.

In the first case the translation shall be additionally certified by the apostille stamp for France (it is affixed on the document translation). If you perform the translation through the sworn translator, no additional certification from the side of a notary or ministries is required.

The translation performed by the usual (not sworn) certified translator in Ukraine doesn’t require the additional certification in the Consulate of France in Ukraine. You simply need to affix on this translation the apostille stamp of the correspondent Ukrainian ministry (depends on the document type).

If your document was translated by the sworn French translator – no additional certifications or even the apostille affixing are required. You can use this document everywhere in the territory of France.

To deal with the apostille affixing for France, not being in Kiev, is a very complicated and expensive task. Because the road to the capital, even from the neighboring region, will not allow you saving on the procedure, and the elapsed time - and even more so. Therefore, we offer you to use our services, the cost of which is significantly lower than the estimated costs for travel and accommodation in the capital, even for 1 day.

We will perform the delivery of ready documents quickly and in time both in Ukraine and France or any other country. You can choose the necessary way of delivery on the page of documents delivery.

How the apostille for France in Ukraine looks like

Below are presented the stamps of three ministries authorized to affix the apostille stamps for France of different types.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

You can learn in detail about apostille in ministries on the page https://jurklee.ua/en/apostil/, and to see the examples of apostilles of different countries – on the page with the apostilles examples.

You can get the gratuitous consultation on the issues of apostille affixing for France by phone:


Order the specialist’s gratuitous call!

How to prepare documents for France?

There are several ways of documents preparation (to affix the apostille) for France.

The 1st variant: Affixing the Apostille stamp for France, translation of documents into French, affixing the Apostille on the document translation

After choosing this variant of documents preparation you need to perform the following acts:

I. Apostille affixing for France

Initially the apostille is affixed on the document original or its notarized copy – this depends on the document type.

The terms of the apostille affixing for France are from 1 up to 30 working days*.

You can know the cost details on this link.

II. Translation of documents into French

The term of the translation execution by the certified Ukrainian translator constitutes 1 working day, but it is also possible to make urgent translation.

Translation of documents into French.

III. Second apostille on the translation

The repeated apostille on a document is affixed within 1 working day or 5 working days* not with standing the document type.

We will tell you with pleasure the details how to prepare documents for France in our office or by phone!

*Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

The 2nd variant: Apostille on the document and translation into French by the accredited translator

All details concerning this procedure are described on the page «Apostille in Ukraine».

The difference of this variant from the first one consists in the fact that the translation is made by accredited translators. In this case the translation into French doesn’t require additional certification.

You can get more detailed information concerning all variants of apostille preparation in France by calling us by one of the phones or ordering the gratuitous call.

Navigating on the home page you can find out a mass of additional services, which you may require for the migration to France.

Besides it, we deal with the apostille affixing for Turkey, to get more detailed information receive the gratuitous consultation at our manager by phone.


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