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Upon employment or education obtainment abroad the apostille of birth certificate performs the function of identifying document. Therefore, giving the legal force to this document for a certain country is a primary task.

Very often people apply to us for help through the incompetence in this matter, because for many people the apostille - this word is new and strange. And get lost in the legalization procedure is quite simple, because the high-quality advice on the apostille affixing on the birth certificate for a particular country is quite difficult.

How to correctly apostille the birth certificate

In order that your certificate will be accepted abroad it is initially necessary to translate it into one of the official languages of the country of destination. Also a number of countries such as: France, Belgium, Switzerland requires the repeated affixing the apostille stamp on the certificate translation.

It is strictly prohibited to laminate a new certificate!
Do not agree for lamination in Civilian Registry Office, otherwise your document will be considered spoiled.

The apostille on birth certificate is sewed as a separate sheet to the document original.

What to do if your document was issued before 1991 year?

The apostille of birth certificate, which was issued before 1991 year is possible on the notarized copy. However, recently the apostilles on notarized copies of the certificates issued before 1991 year are not accepted in the majority of countries.

In order that your document will be accepted with the 100% guarantee in any country it is necessary to receive the document repeatedly, we can also get for you the birth certificate in any region of Ukraine, for this the notarized Power of attorney on the name of the company employees is required.

Terms and Price

Applying in our company you can count on the services complex, beginning from the stamp affixing in MinJust and ending by the full document registration for necessary for you country.

Pay attention!

Due to martial law, the terms and cost may change, check with the manager for details.

Ministry of Justice (Apostille)520 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Leave the order

If you are located not in Kiev – you may send the document to our office using any convenient way of delivery. At the average the term of sending is 1 day.

How threatens the independent apostille affixing on certificate


Upon the independent document certification in the regional administration of justice you may be offered to affix the apostille on the certificate at once. Agreeing to their offer, you need to understand that they can affix the apostille, but this institution does not know the correct further preparation of documents for the necessary for you country.

Thus, for example, for Italy besides the apostille the translation by the accredited translator and its certification in the Consulate of Italy are required. For France after the apostille affixing the document shall be translated by the sworn translator or the second apostille on the translation shall be affixed.

In our practice, we often face the cases when people ordering a birth certificate with the apostille in their region, not fully prepare documents, which further leads to the refusal in the embassy or any other body of the destination country. As a result, you lose time and sometimes the possibility to find a job or go to study.


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