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Apostille in the Dnipro

In Dnipropetrovsk, you can make an apostille or legalization in 1-2 days + sending documents will take some time, so…

Apostille in Kharkiv

Unfortunately, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice do not exist in Kharkiv, so all migration procedures pass through the capital. With Jur Klee you will learn how to save money…

Apostille in Lviv

The legalization or apostilization procedure can be partially done in Lviv, but the main part of the local companies will not be able to provide you, so…

Apostille in Odessa

In Odessa, just like in Lviv, there is a Ministry of Foreign Affairs and a lot of translation agencies, but it is impossible to complete the legalization or apostille procedure without…

Apostille in Zaporizhia

Working in Zaporizhia we will provide you with apostille or legalization of documents at comfortable prices and in optimal terms…

Apostille in Donetsk

Having an impressive experience in working with "problem regions", we will provide you with high-quality advice and quick availability of documents for moving…

Apostille in Vinnytsia

Recently, residents of Vinnytsia have often started to apply for apostille and legalization for moving or for working (temporary) migration…

Apostille in Poltava

The opening of the "Jur Klee" branch in Poltava has become a new stage for us to work more closely on apostille, legalization or any other issues…

Apostille in Cherkasy

Now you can apostille your documents directly in Cherkasy, for this you need...

Apostille in Kherson

If you want to put an apostille in Kherson, just send us the documents by e-mail.

Apostille in Sumy

We are glad to inform you that now you can order an apostille in Sumy from us. To do this, simply send us your documents

Apostille in Zhytomyr

Now you can order our apostille service in Zhytomyr. Just send us the documents by filling out the form on the page

Apostille in Kryvyi Rih

If you live in Kryvyi Rih and you need an apostille for documents-contact our company!

Apostille in Chernivtsi

Now we can put an apostille on your documents if you live in Chernivtsi and the region!

Apostille in Uzhhorod

Good news for all residents of Uzhhorod! Now you can order an apostille for your documents from us without leaving the city!

Apostille in Ternopil

Order apostille in Ternopil in our company!

Apostille in Ivano-Frankivsk

Good news for residents of Ivano-Frankivsk - now you can order an apostille on your documents through our company without leaving the city!

Apostille in Lutsk

If you are located in Lutsk and you need to apostille documents - contact us!

Apostille in Rivne

Now, we also provide apostille service for residents of Rivne!

Apostille in Mykolaiv

Residents of Mykolaiv and the region can issue an apostille in our company without leaving home!

Apostille in Mariupol

Order an apostille in Mariupol and the region has become even more convenient - contact us!

Apostille in Chernihiv

Now our company offers the service of apostilling documents for residents of Chernihiv and the region!

Apostille in Khmelnytskyi

You can get an apostille in Khmelnytskyi and the region without leaving your hometown, the service is available online in a few clicks!

Apostille in Kropyvnytskyi

Residents of kropyvnytskyi and the region can quickly and without unnecessary costs put an apostille stamp on documents, now the service is available in our company!

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