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Ministry of Justice Affix the apostille  - Ukraine

The preparation of Ukrainian documents for their validity in the territory of other countries is called the legalization.

Depending on in what country you are going to use the documents the legalization procedure may vary.

For many countries is provided the own procedure of registration and very often the specialists’ assistance is required, who can choose for you the correct and the most optimal variant of documents preparation.

Apostille and Legalization – what is the difference?

There are two ways of registration of official papers:

  • Apostille affixing;
  • Legalization (to learn in detail navigate to the link legalization)

The choice of some or another procedure depends on the fact if the country has signed the Hague Convention of 05.10.1961, which abolishes the requirement of official documents legalization.

In order to clarify the more detailed information about the procedure, please, call us by phone or order the manager’s gratuitous call

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What is the apostille of documents and how it looks like

The apostille is a special stamp, which is affixed by one of the ministries of Ukraine, including by Ministry of Justice. The apostille affixing is carried out on the official papers issued in Ukraine. This stamp confirms the signature and the position of the person, who signed the document. Depending on the documentation it is possible to affix the apostille in a free place, or it is affixed on a free place and is sewed to the original.

See below how the apostille stamps on official documents look like.



Ministry of Education

See the examples from other countries

The double apostille is a stamp, which is affixed on documents originals and their notarized translations. The double apostille is necessary for the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Great Britain, Denmark, Holland, Italy, Portugal, France, Switzerland, Norway.

On what you can affix the apostille

Affix the apostille!

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According to the rules the apostille affixing is possible on the following documents:

  • administrative (birth, death, marriage, divorce certificates);
  • documents executed by the Ukrainian notaries. With it, it doesn’t matter it is a private or a public notary;
  • certificates of judicial authorities;
  • official papers issued by state authorities of Ukraine, enterprises, institutions;

Also from August 13, 2014 it is permitted the apostille affixing on the following documents:

  • identity cards;
  • employment record cards;
  • passport documents;
  • weapons permits;
  • technical passports (certificates of motor vehicle registration);
  • military tickets.

Price and Terms

The price of apostille (Ukraine) affixing in different institutions is presented in the Table:

Ministry of Justice of Ukraine520 UAH7-10 working days
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine (urgently)725 UAH5 working days
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine475 UAH8-10 working days
Civilian Registry Office520 UAH7-10 working days

Ministry of Education (new documents)

710 UAH30 working days
900 UAH10 working days
1220 UAH3 working days
1760 UAH1 working day*

Ministry of Education (old documents)

710 UAH30 working days
1040 UAH20 working days
1290-1760 UAH1 working day*

*urgent apostille is possible on the condition that you contact the educational institution and agree that they answer the Ministry inquiry in 1 day.
**the price is not a public offer.
***Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Prepare the documents apostille independently or apply to us?

Queue on the supply to the Apostille of documents

To this question you can answer immediately simply by looking the video. It shows a real situation, in which the people want to affix the apostille in Ministry of Foreign Affairs, with it, it happens at 11:55 (5 minutes before the reception ending). All people in the queue will be stunned by the new that they will not be able to hand over the documents today, and, after standing in the queue for 2 hours, in the truest sense of the word, before "their nose" the window will close and they go home with the hope to have time to affix the apostille tomorrow.

Do you want to be in the list of those lucky people? If your answer is positive - you can apply yourself in the relevant ministry. But it should be noted that in addition to wasted time (working hours!), nerves and energy you will spend a tidy sum for transportation, meals, and that it is not unlikely for accommodation, as not the fact that you will be able to submit the documents on the first day. The picture below will help you to calculate "savings"...
If you value your time, health and workplace (to ask for leave the managers is not always has a good impact on your earnings) - our service the "Apostille on document" costs from 350 UAH/a document. Note, if you consider all factors - it is cheaper than having arrived in Kiev to deal with this procedure alone.

Ministry of Justice apostille Ukraine - JurKlee

22 Jul 2015, 19:55
Подскажите, справка о несудимости для предоставления работодателю в Германии. Нужен ли апостиль? сколько стоит полный комплект с переводом и полной легализацией? и сроки

Здравствуйте, Елена. Стоимость апостиля на справку о несудимости - 180 грн – до 5 дней, 220 грн – 1 день.
По поводу перевода апостиля - все зависит от требований работодателя. У нас перевод стоит 65 грн, но Вам может понадобиться аккредитованный перевод апостиля. Нужно уточнять.

23 Jul 2015, 13:28
Пашаев Борис

21 Jul 2015, 23:43
Очень рада сотрудничеству, особенное спасибо Яне Ошовской, вся работа прошла быстро, четко и в оговоренные сроки!

21 Jul 2015, 09:17
Подскажите, сколько будет стоять апостиль для России на справку о несудимости? Также мне нужно чтобы вы получили справку. Это все нужно переслать в Одессу. Интересует самый быстрый срок.

Здравствуйте, Мирослава. Получение справки о несудимости - 260 грн (1 рабочий день), апостиль на справку о несудимости - 220 грн (2 дня) + 1 день пересылка в Одессу.
В сумме получается апостиль на справку - 480 грн.
По срокам получается 5 дней: 1 день - получение справки (забираем на след. день, т. е. суммарно это получается 2 дня), апостиль МИД - 2 дня, 1 день - пересылка апостилированной справки.

21 Jul 2015, 13:35
Пашаев Борис

06 Feb 2014, 17:52
Юлия Уракова
Здравствуйте Яна,
Я сегодня получила ваше письмо с документами. Все отлично.
Благодарю вас за ваше содействие и за вашу серьезность.


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