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Apostille for documents thrown by the Ukraine!

Procedure document giving international legal force called the legalization of documents.
Depending on what country you plan to visit, documentation procedures may vary...

Do you have a document issued outside of Ukraine and you require the Apostille on the document?

We will help you to affix the "Apostille" stamp abroad!

Only to start let's clarify some points:

1. What is theApostille andhow it looks like?

Apostille – is a stamp which appears on the documents issued by the authorities, agencies or organizations in the countries-participants of the Hague Convention. You can find the list of countries-participants of the Hague Convention by clicking on the link.  

The "Apostille" stamp certifies the signature of the person issuing the document. In some cases, it may confirm the authenticity of the stamp or seal, attached to the document.  

After certification of a document by the "Apostille" stamp the document should translated into the correspondent language and certified in the prescribed manner.Such document with the apostille and translation is recognized in all countries-participants of the convention.

2. Where one can affix the "Apostille" stamp on the documents issued abroad?

Very often we are asked the question: "Whether it is possible to affix the apostille in the consulates of different countries?"

Unfortunately this cannot be done. The Apostille shall be affixed only in the country in which the document was issued, and the procedure of affixing is performed by the specially authorized bodies.  

Our company "JUR KLEE" (Jur klee) will provide you with a full range of services on the apostillisation of your documents abroad, as well as organize the delivery of apostilled and translated documents to your address.

What is necessary for the apostille affixingabroad?

In order that we can help you in documents preparing it is necessary to go through the following steps:

1) please send us to email info@jurklee.com.ua the scanned copy of the document for agreement of the value of the apostille affixing.

2) the next day you will receive the cost calculation, as well as the information on possible options of the apostille affixing (for some countries the document original is necessary, and for some countries the copy is sufficient).

3) if necessary you send us the document original, and we start working.

Below is the list of countries with the indication of the procedure of documents execution, cost and terms of services.

What to doif the necessary country is not listed?

Write on e-mail info@jurklee.com.ua the request and within a few days we will give you a complete answer on the cost and terms of the apostille affixing.

We will be happy to help you in any situation anywhere in the world.

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