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Upon moving abroad one of the most called-for documents is just marriage certificate. Depending on the country of destination the procedure of document recognition may vary - for most countries is required the apostille on marriage certificate.

The majority of our compatriots often afraid to deal with the apostille affixing on certificate independently, because the slightest error, and the document will not be accepted abroad. After this it is necessary to come back to Ukraine and to deal with preparation from the start, which threatens by lost time and monetary expenses.

Requirements to marriage certificate for apostille affixing

The Department of Ministry of Ukraine cans apostille the marriage certificate if it is:

  • Not laminated;
  • Of a new form;
  • Not damaged.

Sometimes, the apostille is not affixed on a marriage certificate of a new form. This is connected with the fact that the Ministry cannot get the signature sample of the official, who signed the document, in relation to his/her dismissal or for other reasons. Therefore, to give 100% guarantee for a successful apostille affixing on the certificate is not possible, even if the document has been received recently.


The absence of lamination on the document reverse side – is the obligatory condition of the Ministry. If the marriage certificate is laminated – it is necessary to discover its duplicate.

Fundamentals of the correct certificate apostillization

The procedure of the certificate preparation for abroad depends on the destination country. The accepting body in the country shall present the list of documents and the requirements for their preparation.

However, there are the questions, to which you should pay the attention in any case:

  1. Translation of document. Initially, we advise you to find out what translation is needed for apostille: by ordinary certified translator or accredited at the embassy. The cost of translation in Jur Klee.
  2. Notarization of translation. The translation by ordinary certified translator shall be notarized if the apostillization procedure involves the translation by accredited translator – the certification is carried out by the translator.
  3. Double apostille (translation apostillization). A number of European countries requires the presence of legalized translation. It is necessary to know in advance this information, so as not to redo the documents.

The correctly and accurately prepared document on marriage guarantees that it will be accepted at the place of demand abroad.

Terms and price of affixing

The price for the apostille of marriage certificate depends on urgency. Besides, you can also order at us the translation and the notarization.

Pay attention!

Due to martial law, the terms and cost may change, check with the manager for details.

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Apostille on Marriage Certificate

7-10 working days520 UAH

*the price is not a public offer.
**Deadlines for consideration of documents by the Ministries may be increased.

Main difficulties of apostille affixing on marriage certificate

Upon the attempts to independently apostille documents the people usually cannot get the sufficient consultation. The employees of ministries do not always know all nuances of different procedures for a particular country.

Because we work not during the first year, we can exactly say that, for example, for documents provision in the territory of Italy it is necessary to make the documents translation through the accredited translator and then to certify it in the embassy. France, in turn, allows the translation by the sworn translator or the translation of notarial copy. Therefore, it is important to correctly affix the apostille on marriage certificate just for the country of destination.

We are doing this every day year in year out, and you can be sure that you will get only the exact and actual information for your case. Please, contact us!

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