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Greece adopted the provisions of the Hague Convention of 05.10.1961 abolishing the requirement of documents legalization in 1985.

Therefore, the procedure of legalization of Ukrainian documents was somewhat simplified for it. But despite of going in the queues, the translation of documents, and possibly their regetting will not bypass you. So, let’s consider the basic questions about the legalization for Greece.

The most widespread questions: Apostille - Greece

Greece as the majority of civilized countries has joined the Hague Convention, which simplifies the documents legalization for this country. In connection with it since 1985 on the documents, which shall be presented in the country, it is necessary to affix the apostille for Greece.

Such an important stage of documents preparation in Greece as the translation shall be made by the certified Ukrainian translator into Greek or by the translator in the territory of Greece.

As a rule, while applying to the translation bureau you can order not only the translation into Greek, but other accompanying services, such as the notarization and directly the apostille affixing in Ukrainian ministries.

After joining of the Greek Republic to the Hague Convention no additional actions after the document apostillization are required. The main thing is to apply with the documents in the correspondent ministry authorized to affix the apostille on them for Greece.

The procedure of documents apostillization for the Greek Republic is performed exclusively in Kiev, because the overwhelming majority of ministries are located just there. Therefore, you need to come to Kiev or use the services of the company, which will represent your interests in institutions.

We, as the profile legalization bureau will gladly help you with the apostille affixing for Greece, with it, you do not even need the Power of attorney on our staff. We will make the delivery at its best anywhere in the world via the convenient for you courier service. Please, apply to us!

How the apostille for Greece in Ukraine looks like

The documents of different nature pass the apostille procedure in different ministries: Ministry of Justice of Ukraine, Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

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Procedure of apostillization for Greece

1. Apostille on a document

The apostille affixing on the document original or its notarized copy.

2. Translation of documents

You can make the documents translation after the apostille affixing both at us and in the territory of Greece.

Also you can affix the Apostille stamp for Belgium or other countries, to learn more choose the correspondent section or call us for consultation.

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