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The documents legalization (the apostille) for Austria is carried out not without the participation of the Hague Convention, which Austria signed in 1967, on the basis of which for Ukrainians the documents legalization for this country is carried out under the simplified procedure.

Nevertheless our clients often apply for this service, because exist some difficulties connected with the preparation of necessary documents package provided by this country requirements.

The most widespread questions: Apostille – Austria

Austria one of the first has signed the Convention about the abolishment of consular legalization, therefore, for the recognition of Ukrainian documents in the territory of Austria it is necessary to affix the apostille on them.

The translation can be made by the Ukrainian certified translator into English or German languages. The translation is necessary for the document presentation all over the territory of Austria.

Our company will help to prepare the document translation with apostille into German or English languages (see the cost below).

The procedure of the apostillization for Austria doesn’t provide for the certification of any documents in the Embassy of Austria in Ukraine, since the Hague Convention acts between our countries.

The apostille in Austria is prepared mainly in Kiev, because the majority of ministries are located in the capital. To go to Kiev is not very convenient, because you have to throw working issues, to spent on travel and accommodation (often you won’t manage for 1 day), to store your mind with unnecessary legal terms and procedures.

We offer you to forget about these problems and to trust in Jur Klee. With us, in a few days you will get your documents for their provision throughout Austria. The selection of the cheapest and fastest courier service is guaranteed.

Examples of apostilles for Austria in Ukraine

All documents pass the apostillization procedure for Austria through 3 ministries.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Education

The page “about the apostille in Ukraine” will help you to understand what ministry is necessary for your document. You can see here the examples of apostilles from different countries.

Stages of the apostille preparation for Austria

I. Apostille on a document

The apostille on the document copy or original (about the procedure in detail here).

To affix the apostille can the Ukrainian ministries – Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Education.

Please, be attentive, for each document its own procedure is provided.

II. Translation and Notarization

The official languages in Austria are English and German languages. The language choice depends on the requirements of that authority, to which you submit the document.

The document translation can be sewed both to the copy or the original. For the translation it is obligatorily the presence of the international passport or the spelling of surname, name and patronymic according to the international passport norms.

III. Apostille affixing on the translation

After the apostille affixing on the translation the document certification in the consulate is not required.

The cost of the second apostille for Austria is the same as of the first one (the exclusions are educational documents certified in Ministry of Education).

If you are interested in the process of apostillization for Germany – select the correspondent section in the left menu and get the gratuitous consultation by phone!

Very often besides the apostille is necessary a number of other services, which are included in the apostillization complex. You can find out all list of services onthe home page of Jur Klee.


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